Inventory of Hazardous Materials (I.H.M.), Asbestos Surveys and advice in Maritime and Offshore issues

Ensuring a safe workplace is one of the principles in the relationship between employer and employee. Everyone on board has the right to a safe working environment. The presence of asbestos and other hazardous substances is a daily risk if it is unknown as to where and which types of materials are used. In order to prevent your personnel from being exposed to hazardous substances including asbestos during repairs, refit and recycling activities, identification is a must. BK Maritiem handles the identification for you in accordance with international guidelines. BK Maritiem is also able to provide General Risk Assessment Plans for all types of vessels.

Asbestos inventory experts (D.I.A.) and HazMat experts (DNV-GL)

BK Maritime comprises a professional efficient team, forged through shared experience and training, with the desire to provide accurate information, whilst assuring quality. Our team consists of licensed, registered asbestos inventory experts (D.I.A.), as well as fully approved HazMat experts (DNV-GL), are able to survey all types of ships, offshore platforms and related buildings and recycle facilities. BK Maritime operates in accordance to the latest,  relevant Dutch SC-540 asbestos regulations and in accordance with applicable I.M.O. SOLAS and MARPOL regulations throughout the world.

Asbestos inventories, supervision of asbestos removal on ships, etc...

BK Maritime is multilingual and has worldwide experience with all types of shipping. This  experience includes salvage inspections, fire damage, ship refit strategy, inspections for flag state and non-flag state, asbestos inventories and supervision of asbestos removal on ships and offshore platforms, including the associated offshore accommodation structures, buildings and dry docks. We are able to serve clients from their offices in The Netherlands and Curacao, 24/7.

Inventory of hazardous materials

The I.M.O. guidelines for this inventory are laid down in the ‘Hong Kong Convention for the safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships’ (SR/CONF/45).

The responsibility of the Inventory of Hazardous materials (I.H.M.) lies indirectly with the ship or fleet owner, or rather more directly with the ships technical management. This convention is the only available ship in regulation 5 of the convention, it is stated that all types of ships above >500 GT shall have on board an I.H.M..

BK Maritime offers its expertise and takes over the required steps for collecting and compiling the information. This includes the continual updating of Part 1 inventory (whilst the ship is in use or production, up to the recycling of the vessel) so there is virtually no effort on the part of the ship owner, ship management or shipyard. This process has already become an industry best- practice standard and stakeholders recognize the benefits of compliance to current and upcoming regulations (SOLAS, MARPOL), an image as a green company, higher re-sale values for ships, mitigation of risks for health, the environment and investments.

European Union Ship recycling regulations

The new EU Ship Recycling Regulations states that EU-flagged vessels of 500 GT and over will be required to carry an Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM). When calling at EU ports,
vessels from non-EU countries will also be required to carry an IHM identifying all hazardous
materials on board. EU-flagged vessels must also be scrapped in an approved ship recycling facility. EU-flagged new builds are required to have onboard a verified IHM with a Statement of Compliance at the earliest by 31 December 2015. The new European Regulation on ship recycling (EURSR) which has entered into force at the end of 2013 and the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, adopted in May 2009, place responsibility on ship owners, ship builders, suppliers, recycling facilities and national authorities to ensure the safe and environmentally viable management of Hazardous materials and the sustainable recycling of ships. The Port state control of all European Ports are authorized to check if the Captain or ship recycle facility indeed are in possession of an I.H.M. or an International Ready for Recycling certificate (I.R.R.C.).

Asbestos surveys conform the Dutch SC-540 Regulations

The surveyors at BK Maritime are qualified to conduct asbestos surveys, according to
the relevant guidelines.

Safe use and removal…..
In order to prevent your personnel from being exposed to hazardous materials including
asbestos during refit and recycling activities. A survey is a must. BK Maritime will handle this
survey for you, according to the relevant SC-540 type A and type B guidelines, a legal
prerequisite in The Netherlands for all refit and recycling works. Regarding the presence of loose asbestos onboard or possible airborne asbestos fibers due to a calamity, BK Maritime has qualified personnel to measure and report this as an asbestos risk inventory conform the Dutch NEN 2991 regulations, whilst able to supervise corrective actions.

The experienced DIA surveyors of BK Maritime survey, chart, identify and report all asbestos
suspicious materials aboard your ships, offshore platforms, inland ships and associated wharfs,
shipyards and recycle facilities. An asbestos survey may also form part of your Quality,
Health, Safety & Environment/Maintenance plan.

Reed more about the activities of BK Martime in our portfolio.

Maritime partnerships
BK Maritime is a member of IJpos (IJmuiden Port and Offshore Services), the leading
organization of harbor related companies in Ijmuiden, the Netherlands. BK Maritime is also a member of Amports, the regional promotional organization for all seaports on the North Sea Canal.

Services of BK Maritiem

Our services
BK Maritime have the trained personnel, qualified in VCA-Safety for operational managers. This, together with Dutch SC-540 asbestos inspections, is a useful tool for management plans and on board presentations, to all crew and management.

The services voor Inventory of hazardous materials are:
For new builds

  • Verify the ships data and specification.
  • Identify the relevant suppliers.
  • Collect Material Declarations (MDs) and Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity (SDoC).
  • Preparation of the Material Declaration documentation and the I.H.M.

For ships in operation

  • I.H.M. pre- planning, including a review of the documentation.
  • Preparation of the visual /sampling check plan.
  • Communication and planning together with the vessels management and
  • arrangements relating to laboratories.
  • Onboard survey, including visual inspection, material sampling and review of
  • onboard records.
  • The analysis of material samples using certified laboratories.
  • Interpretation of results and issuance of the I.H.M. report.

Our other services include:

  • License management
  • Vibration management
  • Instruction and training
  • Advice regarding storage and use of hazardous materials
  • Research and measurements regarding noise pollution
  • Energy use and light measurements
  • Air quality measurements
  • Fire prevention and safety
  • Providing and detaching personnel on temporary or permanent basis
  • Initiative sustainable shipping, including LNG
  • QHSE- support including risk inventory and evaluation
  • Physical research regarding dampness and temperature durability
  • Certification guidance
  • Maintenance plans

Contactpersonen voor BK Maritiem & Offshore:

Simon Ras


BK Maritiem & Offshore werkt regelmatig samen met:

BK Milieuadvies adviseert bedrijven bij het aanvragen van omgevingsvergunningen, bij bestuurlijke en strafrechtelijke handhavingstrajecten en ondersteunt tevens overheden bij de uitvoering van taken op het gebied van handhaving en vergunningverlening.
Adviseert en begeleidt haar opdrachtgevers op het gebied van veiligheid en gezondheid. Dit kan zowel betrekking hebben op interne arbozorg als op projecten waarbij onze opdrachtgevers betrokken zijn.
BK Projectmanagement houdt zich bezig met het beheersen van processen binnen projecten, waarbij tijd, geld, kwaliteit, informatie, organisatie en beheersing van risico's belangrijke parameters zijn.
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